First off… Happy Valentine’s day! This day is so FULL of love… however for me it’s all about SELF LOVE. We truly have to work on ourselves and loving ourselves before we can open our heart to loving someone else.

It’s crazy how much joy we get from different types of items as we get older. A brand new vacuum cleaner? High thread count sheets, a new Breville juicer? Sign me up please!

I decided to include some top adultish splurges that have made a huge difference in my life and other millennial’s I interact with daily.

Silk Pillowcase


I used to think that silk pillowcases were some Instagram gimmick. When i was 16 i asked for silky pillowcases, which were basically some polyester pillowcases. Despite the polyester composition i noticed less frizz in my hair and overtime I didn’t realize it at the time but my hair started to actually grow. When i was 16 my hair grew about 2.5 inches over the course of a year. Did i use hot tools?.. yes however the growth was incredibly slow. I forgot the difference it made in my hair as I grew older and moved on to other things. Then at age 25 i noticed my hair growth had become incredibly uneven. I went to a specialist and came off of biotin ( that was the problem, it was messing with my hormones) and work stress was beginning to wreck havoc on my skin and hair. That’s when I decided to read every article on self care. I came across a few IG self care gurus that swore by silk pillowcases and I started researching more into the benefits.

I found amazing options but decided to splurge on a silk pillowcase from SLIP however i was very close on this option and this one as well. I knew with my experience with the polyester blend pillowcases as a teenager that it would not stay cool all night which was a big deal breaker for me however my experience with the silk pillowcases have been very positive. My hair feels great in the morning, I’ve noticed even growth on my head hair and it’s cool to touch when i get into bed. I’ve noticed that in the middle of the night i get a little warm however the other side of the pillow stays cool so one flip over and it’s good to go.

On top of that it’s felt so luxurious getting into bed. I don’t have to do a bunch of face masks to feel like I’m taking care of myself. Just sleeping on these luxurious pillowcases is a calming ritual in itself.


Remember the days when you got a free blender just for opening a savings account? I do! I used that free blender for 8 years and it still didn’t give out. Tip #1, expensive doesn’t always mean better. However, when i started making shakes every morning i realized I wanted something more seamless so I can just grab, blend and run out the door. I finally did some research and on Prime day went for the Nutribullet. When you make a smoothie every morning, it’s important to have something fast and powerful. I’ve tried other brands that have this same feature with the cup and it just did not measure up. Within seconds my shakes are ready in the morning and the consistency is super smooth. You can also use this blender for other concoctions in the kitchen. I’ve had mine for almost a year and can’t believe I didn’t make the splurge sooner. This and my Fab Four smoothies recipes go hand in hand.


I visited my friend who has an indoor cat a few months ago and I was so shocked at how clean her space was. Don’t get me wrong, she had piles of clothes everywhere but there was not one drop of dirt or cat hair in site. She told me this exact robotic vacuum cleaner had changed her life. I searched on amazon and I saw that I could afford a robotic vacuum cleaner too! If my friend can have clean floors then so can you. Skip out on eating out for a few meals and get this automatic vacuum cleaner by eufy. It will change your life.


Working longs hours constitutes having a luxuriously soft and cozy bed to come home to at the end of the day. Not only will you feel a difference but you will want to get in bed earlier which is a plus for me! I still have this mindset that avoiding my bed will mean there are more hours in the day to accomplish more things.

The great thing is that us millennial’s live in the digital age and we don’t have to drive to a department store or get married to get some high thread count sheets to wrap ourselves in at night. There are so many companies now that offer guarantees and luxurious sheets at a fraction of the cost at department stores.

Some of my favorites include the Luxe sheet set from Brooklinen, Cultiver linen sets, and the 600 count sheets at Target,