Gilded Vita

Advice for Life after College-Coming Soon!

As a millennial I found myself wondering what the next step was once I graduated. Get a job/career! Check. However, finding my path was not so easy. I started asking myself if this was my dream job?

I was young and fresh out of college! I had that “hustle till you make it” mentality and I realized that I had some spare time to continue working in my previous part time job on the weekends and carry on this new corporate job. This was not healthy and pretty awkward as I was supposed to notify my manager of any other side jobs i wanted to take on during my time at the new job. This is when my mom gave me an idea and said why don't you take some classes in college. Weren’t you interested in photography or possibly getting your masters at some point? She advised that I could always start with one class and take it from there. Since I had taken my GMAT that summer after graduating I decided to apply and I got in the fall schedule on the day before the deadline. This was great! I worked and went to graduate school part time. I felt better about myself already!

Before I knew it I had finished my Masters and landed a better position at pretty hip company. Okay.. better job and a masters.. now what? There was always something I was looking for and year after year I realized how much I wish I had a little more guidance during this time. So now that I've experienced it all I want to share some tips and life lessons I've had along the way with fresh grads and not so fresh grads. So here I am on #adulting and the #postgrad life.