Five Apps That I can't Live Without

I always want to know the phone apps and tools that people can’t live without! I have learned so much and always thought.. oh wow I never thought how useful this app would be and super glad I came across the recommendation on social media ( where else..). Read below for the apps I use on the daily (social media excluded).


It shocks me that people in my office still walk to the printer to scan paper. I don’t need my badge or anything to scan a few sheets of paper. Half the time the printers don’t even function properly and neither does the scanner so it’s a God send to use the scannable app, which works with Evernote, to send myself a few copies that I need. In fact you can have a little fun of your own by scanning all the extra paper you have at home and go all Digital this year.


At the office I always use Outlook. However, I can’t begin to function on the daily if I don’t sync my life events and plans to my google calendar. I love that the classes at my gym can get added to my calendar now. This comes in handy when I’m rescheduling doctor appointments, hangouts with friends and family as Ii know exactly what I've planned on doing in advanced. Where would we be without GOOGLE!


Although I worked at the Apple Store at one point in my life, I never considered myself a techy.. All I can say is that when you work with a bunch of know it all tech beings you also get ton threats to back up your data! Seriously, I saw so many people lose years of photos when their hard drives crashed. I personally use other cloud drives for my laptop but for everything else on my phone I just use good ol’ Google. If you don’t I highly recommend you check out the plethora of options out there. You have NO reason not to back up your data and be sad about it later.


ToDoist is an awesome multi-platform agenda that keeps things efficient with an streamlined interface and task management. It’s just a super handy companion to getting things done. I personally stopped using planners and agendas as frequently during college since i would record everything on a piece of paper and reference that for the day or my syllabus, however after college is another story. There are so many things on your to do list that you are bound to forget. It also integrates with other apps like Dropbox, IFTTT, and Slack. 


There are different forms of Anxiety and Stress and I’m all about calming my mind before I go to bed. Since it’s super difficult to get off my phone addiction, I’ve started using the Calm app and it’s made SUCH a difference. It induces a better, deeper, calmer sleep and I feel a wash of relief from stress and the day ahead. I’ve tried it in the mornings as well and it’s been such a game changer for me. Highly recommend you start some sort of routine to calm your mind before bed. You may not need stress release or have issues with anxiety however prevention is key ( not a doctor.. just my own beliefs).

I’d love to know your top favorite apps! Always looking to add more apps to my iPhone and boost my productivity levels these days. The more efficient my life is the more time i get for #selfcare.